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ASCH Infrastructure Spain

General information

ASCH Infrastructures and Services was created in 2018 to absorb all of ASSIGNIA's business lines and the majority of its subsidiaries and branches, currently spread over more than 12  countries. Assignia was created in 1955 and its first project was railway. Since then, it has expanded all areas of construction, developing its projects on four continents.

In this absorption, apart from projects and activities, the machinery and the most important asset for any organization are integrated, the staff, who in turn have developed and continue to do so, the company's most emblematic projects, not only in Spain but also on an international level.

The company is currently carrying out different projects in  America  (Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Panama);  middle East  (Oman and Turkey);  Africa  (Algeria);  Europe (Spain and Georgia).


ASCH Infrastructures and Services

Asuncion Castell, 13    

28020 - Madrid.

T: +34 919 199 059 

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