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General information

Noddus is a technology company specialized in native content that connects brands, media and creators on a single platform to automate their production and distribution in media. The company currently operates in Europe and LATAM. Founded by Jose Enrique Rodriguez Rizzo and Enrique Espejo Montoya.


“Conventional advertising as we knew it has lost effectiveness among consumers.  consumers”, affirms José Enrique Rodríguez, executive director of Noddus. "The sector  demands new advertising tools that are capable of attracting the target audience of  effectively and efficiently, optimizing campaign costs. innovation is  essential in digital advertising tools and 2019 will be the year of fast content  accompanied by illustrations, videos and audiovisual content of interest to the  consumer," he concludes.


Snapupp Technologies SL.

Calle de Fuencarral, 101. Floor 2.

28004 Madrid


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