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No Filters Productions  Spain

General information

Without filters  it is a commitment to journalism, to good journalism. We do not want filters, because we are not going to select information or facts according to previously established criteria. We firmly believe in the right of citizens to receive information. We are going to fight to be in the informationally opaque areas of the planet. We are going to be where the other colleagues are but with a different, contemporary vision. And when they leave, we will follow.

Our sections are a showcase of what we are going to offer you. Complaint, investigation, information in conflict zones, real stories, images without words. And documentaries. We're free. We will be right or wrong obeying only our conscience. We are sane to bind, and we promise to be daring, audacious, rigorous, serious, fun, cheerful and brave, committed to the weakest and most disadvantaged and dedicated to fighting for excellence in our work. So no filters. No more no less. The journalism we want to do.


Strings of Binding Productions SL.

C/ Maria Tubau Nº 3, Floor 3&, Module A  28050  -Madrid

T: + 34 91 432 19 34


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