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Tying Cords 

General information

Cuerdos de Atar is owned by three  partners passionate about the world of television, communication, journalism and life, pura vida. We are Spanish, but we work in the world. We don't like borders. We can speak in any language. We address all markets.

Luis and Guillermo unite their personal and professional experiences in Cuerdos de Atar.  Dedicated to research, reporting, true stories and entertainment.  Journalism as a passion for  pass it on  to its viewers in each of the programs or documentaries made in  the most remote and dangerous places in the world.

The place doesn't matter. Wherever the action and information is, there is Cuerdos de Atar. Delve into, explore, and report on controversial, social, or investigative topics as a norm. Determined to end the informational black holes on the planet.  research, contact  and follow-up of the objectives to obtain truthful first-hand information. Unlimited. With dedication and a point of view that  makes different. Reality  told without filters but with soul.

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